How to dress for an event by location


Imagine a wedding on the beach, with a sea view and sand between your fingers: the dream of many. This beautiful dream, however, can be confusing for outfit choice in guests.

Taking into account the weather, time of year and dress code, our advice is to avoid high heels and uncomfortable shoes. Instead, yes to colorful prints, breathable textures, bright shades or pastel hues - avoid black, cream and white.

For men, semi-formal style is preferred for a beach wedding: tie is optional, perfect summer suits and breathable fabrics such as linen and cool cotton.


Party look par excellence? We are on board!

Cocktail dresses par excellence generally come down to the knee, and for an event you can indulge in any variety of color; the evergreen choice is definitely the little black dress.

Maxi and mini dresses are discouraged: the right, as always, lies in the middle.

If you are considering a very classic dress, we recommend using designer accessories that are very obvious and eye-catching.

Valid alternatives are also represented by jumpsuits and pantsuits.

For men, the cocktail dress code involves casual suits and shirts: for more formal occasions, it might be useful to add a tie or bow tie.


A garden event is the one and only occasion when a soft cardigan and a pair of glasses are allowed!

Garden ceremonies are the perfect place to wear spring tones, earth tones, romantic ruffles, dreamy tulle and nature-inspired prints.

Avoid maxi dresses: they may be an unwise choice! Choose midi dresses or knee lengths and, if the ceremony will take place right in the garden, opt for wedges!

Even for men's outfits, there is plenty of room for creativity: forget the rules at home and opt for a separates: dark pants and a light-colored jacket and vest? Why not!



robably the most formal style in existence (reference: royal wedding!).

A long, elegant dress would seem the ideal outfit without exception; depending on style and personality a long dress can become more or less showy! There is no such thing as wedding colors, but white and black are definitely banned for a morning ceremony.

Pair it with jewelry, high-heeled shoes and an elegant clutch bag.

Men have little choice but to wear a fancy tuxedo, white shirt, cufflinks and bow tie; shoes strictly and eternally classic.



An intimate ceremony with small refreshments to follow seems an ideal time to experiment with a wedding dress that is not the usual classic, timeless catalog dress.

We recommend wearing darker colors if the wedding takes place in the evening and opting for lighter colors and fabrics for a ceremony that takes place during the day-a good choice might fall on a below-the-knee dress or an elegant skirt and top.

A glam pantsuit is a must-have option: sophisticated and comfortable, especially for mid-season, for a lively outfit!

Not to give up the long dress, choose it paired with wedges, mid-heeled pumps or formal ballet flats.

A semi-formal ceremony gives flexibility on comfort, but be careful not to fall too much into casual!