The Spirit of Dubai Roeya: the New Fragrance of 2022


The Art Perfumery worldwide came to Italy last June with the 12th edition of The Art Perfumery Event at the design spaces of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, beating heart of the CityLife District. The event, an exclusive showcase of the best niche perfumery, welcomed a community of operators and enthusiasts in the name of the most authentic and sought-after olfactory culture from all over the world, and was the medium through which new products were presented to be launched on the market as the ninth element of an entire selection signed by The Spirit of Dubai.  

Concept Artistic Perfumery and the brands Esxence 2022

To participate in the long-awaited international trade fair event, brands were selected by the Technical Committee, based on the quality of proposals and distribution criteria. The purpose of Esxence is to offer visitors only the best of artistic perfumery, accompanying them in the discovery of the best fragrances through the "Through the Mirror" concept, which translates into uniqueness, beauty and awareness. And it is precisely on the basis of this concept that perfume is to be considered as the mirror of our personality capable of telling our essence, but at the same time able to reflect the most fascinating and mysterious part. The 2022 season for niche perfume lovers begins with a mix of elegant notes and forward-looking moments. The innovative approach listens to only one language: that of fragrances. Exclusive to Italy, the magic in a bottle signed The Spirit of Dubai - Roeya that brings with it a futuristic and modern vision of the famous Dubai, also appreciated at Esxence. 

The Spirit of Dubai: The Brand and the New Roeya Fragrance.

The Spirit of Dubai line of luxury fragrances embraces captivating landscapes, rich in the ancient traditions and luxuries of a cosmopolitan society. Each niche fragrance is a true attribute of the city of Dubai, made up of undulating beaches and breathtaking tall towers.

The Spirit of Dubai is a fragrance collection with a unique olfactory construction, thanks to the highest quality of natural raw materials that create long-lasting fragrances, keeping in mind the attributes that drive the metropolis: innovation, creativity, luxury, world-class quality and craftsmanship. Roeya's new exclusive fragrance encapsulates a blend made of fresh, passionate and mysterious notes.

Include the ninth element The Spirit of Dubai in your collection. On pre-order now at Ariano Boutique.