The fresh faced natural beauty of Persephone was free from artifice or evil, her sweet nature and purity of soul was adored by gods, goddesses and humankind. Her playground and purpose was nature, symbolic of spring and summer, she was associated with flowers, harvest, fruit, grain and the beauty and bounty of nature. This perfume was created with Patchouli of the Underworld as a pair. Two perfumers explore the central note of Patchouli through two lenses of the same story: that of Pluto and his Queen Persephone.

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Eau De Parfum
Note di Testa
Cardamom Guatemala, Plum, 6 Pomegranate seeds
Note di Cuore
Patchouli, Jasmine Egypt, Bulgarian Rose
Note di Fondo
Honey, Sandalwood, Cedar, Ambergris