Lillipur by Tiziana Terenzi : a stop on this journey took place in Nepal, in the ancient capital of the wonderful and mystical state of immateriality?, in search of the most intimate and solitary spirituality. Nepal is a country where history, civilization and myths intertwine, leaving the traveler the cosmic time to look at the soul, to discover his own deep self. Lillipur is a spectacular gathering of temples, where the beautiful "Golden Temple" stands out among all. In every corner there are huge braziers that burn incense and resins to help meditation. Lillipur and? considered one of the most spiritual areas on the planet. From this journey this extract is born, enclosed in a precious gold bottle and rich in all the transcendence of the place. This fragrance represents, in fact, the mystical fire of the soul and deep knowledge. The essence is slowly revealed to the wearer, accompanying, for the whole day, the traveler in an intimate and constantly evolving sensory experience. Every breath of perfume is a step towards one's self.

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Note di Testa
wormwood, lemon, Omani incense, star anise
Note di Cuore
bitter green galbanum, Sri Lankan cinnamon, carnation, thyme, cyclamen, Sichuan pepper
Note di Fondo
Lebanese cedar wood, moss, cashmere, patchouli, benzoin, tonka bean, amber, birch, blond tobacco